Raising Kids Who Care

The Internet has become part of our kids' life as much as brushing teeth and showering are, if not more. Things that they do now are things that we would never have imagined doing in our daily lives when we were younger e.g. taking selfies, sharing multiple photos with a large audience in real time [...]


Today I’ve Had Enough

Do you know what the challenge of writing a family blog is? It’s that you have to constantly come up with solutions for fellow mamas and offer tips and life hacks and stuff even while your own family is going through a rough patch. There. I’ve said it.  Today was a bad day for me [...]

Do Each of Your Children Feel Important?

The hubbub of work and school sometimes leave little space for us to give attention to our children individually. Nonetheless, In our family we have figured out 3 effective habits to let each child know that they are special, because they are. 1. Acknowledge their contributions or bigger achievements. Make a point of speaking about [...]

10 Ways You Can Make Your Kids Exclaim “You’re The Best!”

It was easy to make babies, toddlers and even preschoolers smile their biggest smile. A simple peek-a-boo can have your baby laughing away for 10 minutes. Chasing bubbles can make a toddler squeal their happiest sounds. A family ride on the top deck of a double-decked bus can have your preschoolers excited for the whole [...]