22 Things To Do Without Technology & Screens

I realise that when my kids get to spend too much time on the screen in one day, for the rest of the day I will hear “I’m bored, I don’t know what to do, I want screen…” That really frustrates me. First, why did I let them spend so much time on the screen to the point that they can’t find fun other ways? Second, it’s hard not to cave in and give them even more screen-time just so they could stop bothering me!

Well, here’s a list of things we could do as a family without involving the use of screens! Yes, there’s still hope you guys…


1. Go to a new neighbourhood and get to as many playgrounds as possible within a 1-kilometre radius

2. Weekly family bike ride

3. Climb a tree

4. Play elastics

5. Lie on the grass and watch the clouds

6. Play catch

7. Kick ball

8. Treasure Hunt

9. Create a chalkboard mural on the pavement

10. Hide and seek

11. Bring your family on a monthly clean-up around your neighbourhood

12. Picnic at home. The convenience of being just a few metres away from the kitchen!


13. Practice some card tricks

14. Family dance night

15. Play hand-clap games

16. Draw

17. Colour

18. Write a silly poem

19. Hide items for others to find

20. Do a puzzle

21. Look through old family photos and videos together

22. Rearrange your house and discard/donate some items

Do you have any favourite screen-free activity to share? Add to the list, comment below!

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