15 Must-Ask Questions For Your Kid’s First Day Of School

Well well, that time of the year is coming. First day of school! For many of us, it’s a return to normal schedule (like me!). For some of us though, it’s a new schedule as they have a child starting his or her first day of school ever!

Whether your child is going to P1 or moving from P3 to P4, first days of school still gives that jittery excitement to their little hearts and sweaty palms. Some kids will look forward to school, some will dread going back and some will just be anxious about the whole schooling thing, after all, nothing could beat being comfortable at home during the school holidays with no schedule to follow whatsoever.

How many of us are guilty of asking “How was your first day of school?” and then we run out of questions to show our kids that we’re indeed interested to hear more about their day but we just don’t know how to ask! Lucky for you I’ve come up with a list of 15 questions you could ask your kids on their first day of school and make them feel that their school life matters to you, especially that first day back to school!

For all kids:

  1. Who are you sitting next to this year? What do you like about him/her?
  2. Was there a first-day assembly? What did they talk about?
  3. What was the most fun part of today?
  4. Who are your new teachers? What are they like?
  5. Tell me something funny that happened today.

For RETURNING students:

  1. Who grew tall the most over the holiday break?
  2. Did anyone have a different haircut?
  3. What was the first recess food you bought for the year? Did you miss it so much during the holidays?
  4. Who did you play with during recess? What games did you play?
  5. Give me one reason why you’re so glad school has resumed!

For Primary 1 Newbies:

  1. How many students are there in your class?
  2. Did you buy any food during recess? Was it nice? Are you going to buy it again next time? Great job for buying your own food, you’re a big girl/boy now!
  3. Who did you play with during recess? Good job for making new friends!
  4. What food are you going to buy during recess tomorrow?
  5. What kind of bags do your classmates have? Did anyone have a similar bag to yours?

Of course you can choose to ask these questions on different occasions. Bombarding the kids with 10-15 questions all at once will feel more like an interrogation rather than feeling your interest!

Remember, the objective of communicating with your kids about school is to

  • show them that you are interested in their day
  • encourage them to look forward to another day at school (especially for P1 kids or the anxious ones) by asking questions about what they’re going to do “tomorrow” etc

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