Jurong Central Park – A Gem in the West!

We live near Jurong Central Park but we don’t go there often enough. It’s such a well structured park! Bonus is that it has a field that you can play soccer and some paths for your kids to ride their wheelie vehicles like scooter and bikes!

Our boys’ favourite was of course the “Slide of Ahhhh!” that’s how we would name it lol… It’s so much fun. They went again and again and again! You can see from the pictures below how much fun they had =)

The big boys can go by themselves but they wanted to sit on daddy for added-weight. The heavier, the faster… you know? haha…

And there’s also slides that are friendlier to younger children:

There’s an interesting climbing structure as well:

One or two balancing beams!

And…… a Flying Fox! Yay!

Have I mentioned the human-size Snakes and Ladders Board? With actual slides being the snake! It’s super fun! Play as a whole family!

To see how fun it is, check out our 2-minute family video:

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