When The Internet Makes Us Faceless

Recently I’ve just published an article with Scary Mommy. It could be said that this is my first article being published to a very large audience. Within a few hours, the post had received 275 shares and 1.7k reactions on Facebook. Fortunately, there were many positive reactions.

That being said, there were comments in there that seem like some people are really out there to make their point and argue with anyone. It’s just hilarious that an article – meant solely to be an expression of the writer’s opinion – had become a source of argument for Internet users and became a reason for people who does not even know her to call her a “dumb whore” or say “if her husband was so needy she shouldn’t have had any kids”. Wow. Thanks. It’s just so amusing to me that people feel they need to put in so much emotion in commenting on an article on the Internet.

I understand that by posting to the public, our articles are open to scrutiny. However, what is the need to be so harsh? What is the need to push the writer down, form camps against other Internet users and make a very strong point that you’re sticking to your view? Who cares?

What are you teaching your children when you exhibit this kind of attitude? Are you teaching them to be accepting of the many differences and opinions that surround our Earth? Or are you teaching them to be judgemental and segregating and non-inclusive?

Fortunately I am not affected by the negative responses. I understand that everybody has their own opinions on the subject I wrote about. It just got me thinking that people are more mean and think less (or not at all) before they write something out there. It’s a very real thing happening and it’s a sad trend. What will become of human relations in a few decades if this is how the world is going to communicate?

What’s worse, what will become of our kids? Who will they turn out to be? Whom will they be attacked by? This is my concern.

I wrote an article about Raising Kids Who Care precisely because I know the Internet is changing our humanity. Sadly so many mothers are on the wrong track themselves.

I know, I’m waiting for your comments =) You’re entitled to them and I promise I will read every single one of them without any hard feelings.

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