25 Surprisingly FUN Things You Can Do To Bond With Your Family This Holiday (and Most of Them Are FREE!!!)

It’s that time of the year when school is closed and workload is low. Many of us who are fortunate enough to take our annual leave that coincides with our children’s school holidays do so in November/December. Air travel is at its peak, therefore airfares rise. And if we don’t want to splurge on the air tickets? We stay in Singapore. It’s not too bad you know.

We don’t need to be in a new country to get closer to our family.

We just need to give them time, wherever.

You will be surprised by how many ways you can bond with your family on this little red dot we call home. Here is a list of activities, specially curated by me for any type of family to enjoy. On your part, all you need to do is set the date on the calendar and focus on your family. The ideas are all here.

Happy Holidays!




Night Cycling

Personally we have not tried this on a scale big enough to traverse a few kilometres of Singapore but we had a taste of “evening” cycling with our boys at East Coast Park while the sun was setting. AND we all LOVED IT so much! I have a friend who cycled from East Coast Park to Marina Bay and back to East Coast Park with her husband and 3-year-old son. Salute!

Flickr: reid.neureiter

Anyways, don’t fret if you think you can’t look as cool as these guys in the photo. It’s just for inspiration 😀 What matters most is the time spent doing something different and out of the ordinary with your family so that it becomes a memorable experience.

I have heard that cycling into the city at night gives you a fantastic night view of Singapura. But if you want to know all the possible routes that you can enjoy at night with your family, check out the Top 6 Night Cycling Routes in Singapore

Go Camping

We camped once as a family of 5. Yes we did. It was one hell of an experience. Let me explain to you why. First of all, we LOVED everything except for the sleeping part. But hey, we bonded. That’s what matters! And second of all, sandflies! argh! You might be thinking “why is she even suggesting camping if she doesn’t like it?”. I do! I love it! Just that we have to be more prepared the next time we go camping, and so do you. Believe me, it’s bothersome but it’s so worth it. The activities you get to do together before you turn in for the night, and wake up to the sound of the waves lapping just outside your tent zip! LOVELY.

– Bring something REALLY soft to sleep on. Best if you can get an air-mattress for everyone. Sleeping on the hard sand is no joke.
– Insect repellent!!!!

Photo: Glamping Society

If you are willing to pay for a comfortable camping experience, check out Glamping Society, otherwise, just go with the usual basic camping tent =)

Note: A camping permit is needed, apply here.

Kite Flying

This is one of the oldies but goodies. Our parents generation has flown kites with their parents and it doesn’t require much except for a good kite which you can DIY and a windy day.

Our family’s favourite spot to fly kite in Singapore has got to be at the Marina Barrage. 

The view, as you can see in the photo above, can’t be beat anywhere else in Singapore. Our family ALWAYS end the day HAPPY whenever we go to Marina Barrage. Everything from the breeze, the crowd (sometimes small, sometimes big) to the view is REJUVENATING. Set a date with your family, young and old, and meet for a kite-flying session. Parents will be able to bond with children as they teach the little ones how to fly a kite. Grandparents can watch and enjoy the love happening within the family.

You can double-up your outing as a picnic as well.

– Check the weather before heading out, if the grass is wet and mushy it’s no fun.
– It can get VERY hot there as there is no tree or big shelter, so the best time to hang out is definitely after 4 P.M. 

Family Sports Day

What’s a sport that the whole family has not played in a long time? Why not have a family sports day on one of the days and teach the kids a new skill while the parents reminisce about old times. It could be swimming, badminton, soccer, tennis or the kids’ favourite: captain’s ball. There are plenty of venues you can book through ActiveSG or you can simply go down to your neighbourhood basketball court and play something together. No phones please. It’s family bonding time, remember? 🙂



Bring your whole family to try out climbing. There’s something about doing something new together as a family. It just makes you much closer than you already are. Climb Central has a really good facility and camping accessories for adults and kids.



Nature Walk. 

What’s FREE, Healthy & FUN?

WALKING of course!

The best trails to walk with your family:

The Southern Ridges <<== click the link to find out more.

MacRitchie Treetop walk <<== click the link to find out more.

Beach Outing

Beach!!!! Need I say more? Singapore has plenty of beaches! Check out these Top Kid-Friendly Beaches in Singapore.



You can practically have a picnic at ANY PARK in Singapore, so long as there is a patch of grass! We even brought own our picnic mat and lay it on the grass patch just next to our HDB block before. I mean, why not? Get out of the apartment, breathe some fresh air, feel the grass under your feet, laugh together as you eat your picnic food and play some ball games. Lovely way to spend an afternoon.

TIP: Younger kids would love it if you bring along a bottle of bubbles for them to blow or catch!


Kampong Tour

Credit: Nparks

Join the Kampong Tour at Pulau Ubin for $60 per group (max 15 pax).

Take a walk with the guie to experience Ubin’s wonderful natural and cultural heritage. The 2.2km trail takes about 2 hours to complete. The tour will start at the Ubin Volunteer Hub and take you through the spice trees around Jelutong campsite, Butterfly Hill, Pekan Quarry, Sensory Trail Ponds, Kampong House, Old Bin Kiang School site, Toa Pek Kong Temple and end at the Wayang Stage. You will hear about the use of spices in cooking and the interesting history of the different sites. Do you know what the Ubin Volunteer Hub was in the 1970s? When was the Tua Pek Kong Temple built? If you would like to know, then this is an excellent introduction to the heritage of the island.


Available every 3rd Saturday of the month, from 9.30am till 11.30am.


What can be fun, fulfilling

and warm in your heart?



Volunteer at an Animal Shelter <<== Click the link to find out more

Organise a fund-raising activity with giving.sg <<== Click the link to find out more

Volunteer with a Charity Organisation <<== Click the link to find out more

Photo Credit: NTUC Health



Watch Free Concerts at the Esplanade<<== Click the link to find out what’s on this week.

Credit: Esplanade

Enjoy the Singapore River View at Night

Family Games Night

Want to find something to do together without having to leave the house? Have a family games night! Here are some ideas.

Face-Paint Each Other!

Parents! Make it truly a bonding activity by letting the kids paint your faces! They’ll surely give out lots of giggles 🙂

Christmas Tree Hunt

Make a goal for your family to find and take a family photo with 50 Christmas trees, big and small, throughout Singapore! Trees are being set up now until the end of December so go on family outings every week and collect perfect family photos with beautiful decorated Christmas Trees of 2017! It would be a memory everyone will look back at fondly that once you did something this crazy together.


Play on Ice

Ice skate and Play at The Rink this Christmas! Dive into the ball pit and try fishing. Look out for the friendly mascot JR and take a wefie.

Every Wed & Sat (2 – 23 Dec)
5.15pm – 7.15pm (Wed)
3pm – 5pm (Sat)

Normal admission rate applies.

Circus! Science Under The Big Top

Now – 30 Nov 2017, 10am – 6pm
The Annexe, Science Centre Singapore

Visit Science Centre Singapore’s year-end blockbuster exhibition! Specially curated for you to discover and experience the fun science behind many circus acts. Come join in the adventure, be amazed and thrilled as you explore the many interactive exhibits. Fun-filled with hands-on activities and magic performances.

*Admission charges apply and height restrictions in place for certain exhibits



Visit Your Local Fire Station

Did you know that every Saturday morning, fire stations are open for visitors to join their open house sessions. The perks of going to the open house is kids get their very own fireman (plastic) helmet, sit in the fire truck, ride the ambulance, and hold the water hose to spray high-pressure water. If that doesn’t sound like a fun morning, I don’t know what else will!

Click here for more information on the open house.


the LUGE & Sky Ride

We opted for the package that allowed us to go 3 rounds. It was just nice. If we had only gone 1 round it wouldn’t have been enough. Besides, the kids were a bit nervous on their first skyride but by the third ride they were much more comfortable.

A Universal Christmas

1 December 2017 to 1 January 2018
Find out more at the official website

Welcome the holiday cheer with your favourite characters, as you stroll under twinkling lights and snow fall. Enjoy the interactive Santa’s Workshop, aerial acrobatics, and Santa’s sleigh parade. This Christmas season, incredible surprises await you at every corner at Universal Studios Singapore.

It’s A Universal Christmas not to be missed.

It’s probably the most costly family bonding activity suggested in this blog post. Nevertheless, if you’re a family that enjoys theme park activities, just go for it. It’s still much cheaper than flying to another country to spend time with your loved ones. You can have fun at home too. Go to Universal Studios Singapore in Sentosa!

Singapore’s First Indoor Water Playground

Operating Hours:

Mon – Thu: 1pm – 7pm
Fri: 1pm – 9pm
Sat, Sun, PH & School Holidays, 10am – 9pm

Find out more here for maintenance closure dates.

Have hours of family fun at Singapore’s first indoor water playground! Spanning 24,000 square feet, the ‘Enchanted Deep Sea’ will whisk you away into a world of exhilaration. Splash @ Kidz Amaze is suitable for family fun! The play elements are designed for children aged 18 months to 13 years old, however with close adult supervision infants can have their fun too. Any child below the age of 18 months gets FREE entrance to SPLASH!

Splash away with multiple play decks, five slides and a themed splash pad. Party rooms conveniently connected to the playground are also ideal for hosting children’s birthday parties.

Introductory HAPPY FAMILY RETREAT organised by Happy We, Happy Family!

Happy Family RetreatDate: Sign-up to be notified of the next retreat in 2018

Time: 9 A.M. – 5 P.M.

Location: To Be Confirmed


Spend a DAY to get CLOSER to your family MORE than you have ever been in a year.


  • 4 Main (guaranteed FUN) Activities to promote unity, teamwork, knowing the importance of family and feeling the love for your family.
  • 6 mini bonding activities to give endless fun and laughter for BOTH parents AND children.
  • Bring back home a memory that lasts for a lifetime.
  • Come in to the retreat as a normal family, leave the retreat as a family that can never be divided, stronger than ever.

– $300 per family (up to 4 pax)
– $45 for each extra pax
– Light breakfast & afternoon tea provided

WHO: Any family with children ages 6 – 18 years old.


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