Top Places in Singapore for FREE Animal Encounters

How many times have you brought your kids to the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and River Safari? It’s exciting for the first few times but the magic wears out after a while. Are you and your family craving for the thrill of encountering animals in the wild? We’ve got you covered! But don’t worry, we haven’t heard of any tigers or lions roaming the land of Singapore just yet (and hopefully never). What I’m talking about here are mostly friendly animals and animals that won’t attack unless provoked.

Excited to bring your family out to meet some of these creatures already? Make your weekends free because we have a whole list of places for you to visit below!

Gardens By The Bay

Flickr: Brian Evans

Apart from being the place that houses our family’s favourite water-playground in the country, Gardens By The Bay is very much loved for its location. It’s by the bay! Water! The beautiful scenery you get looking at the Singapore Flyer as you stand behind the Cloud Forest Dome is enough to make the walk worth it. And to our surprise, we encountered an otter once! You might be lucky on your next visit, so keep a look out!

Labrador Park

Flickr: budak

On our second visit to Labrador Park, our three boys were so delighted to see wild chickens roaming freely on the grass. There was not only one but we saw two groups that altogether amount to about 4-5 chickens. They’re probably a family living there, or at least that’s what we told our kids 😀 Why do we need to go to the zoo? There are these little cuties for us to see in their real habitat.

Sungei Buloh

Flickr: Ben Lee

This is probably one of the best places in Singapore to see multiple animals during one visit. Astound your kids with the sight of mudskippers! My boys call them “fish with legs”. Apart from these slimy little cuties, on your lucky day you can spot a crocodile, horn-bill, monitor lizard, snake (eeeek!) and an egret. So go slow and don’t rush. Good luck!

Botanic Gardens 

Flickr: Melvin Yap

For our family, the Swan Lake for Botanic Gardens is as the Merlion is for Singapore. We HAVE to see the swans, turtles and fish before we head back home. It’s like a family tradition of some sort. The kids can spend about 20 minutes standing there pointing at turtles and fish. They just LOVE the place. There’s also another lake nearer to the Botanic Gardens MRT entrance where there are families of ducks!!!! You’ve got to bring your kiddos!


Flickr: Angelina Koh

Look at this magical being flaunting his beauty for tourists to see in the most visited destination in Singapore: Sentosa. They can appear anywhere. Once I saw one at Siloso beach, another time I saw one at Palawan beach and another time I saw one near the Luge area. Really, I’d like to ask the Sentosa management how many peacocks there actually are in Sentosa island itself 😀

MacRitchie Reservoir

Flickr: yukesmooks

Are your kids into monkeys? I suppose most kids are. Well, bring them to MacRitchie Reservoir and keep your eyes peeled for moving branches high atop the trees. You might catch a glimpse of families of monkeys up there. Just be sure not to feed them so that they don’t develop bad habits of waiting on food from park visitors.

Pulau Ubin

Flickr: Steel Wool

Aww… aren’t they cute???? Just make sure you admire them from a distance. I wouldn’t risk any kid being charged at by a wild boar. Pack your bag and get ready for a day trip to Pulau Ubin and go on a wild boar hunt! You can tell the kids “We’re going on a boar hunt!”. Won’t they start to giggle at that 😀


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