Me-Time for Mums in Singapore: 6 Workshops To Guarantee Fun

We work too hard y’all. We work too hard. And we think of ourselves last. Almost always!

So today I’m here to remind you that YOU DESERVE to have FUN and that YOU DESERVE to spend a little bit on learning NEW SKILLS. You don’t always have to spend on your kids’ Frozen Dress or the latest McQueen toy car. It’s okay to spend for your own sanity once in a while. Here’s a line-up of some of the most engaging workshops in Singapore for you to indulge in the coming weeks and months.

1. Floral Arranging Workshop

Do it with Hello Flowers for a small-group workshop. (Image above)

Check out The Floral Atelier. They have a few classes for you to express your interest in and you will be informed when the next session is open for registration.

Let that womanly-love-for-flowers side of you be happy in these floral arrangement workshops. It’s a one-off session so you only have to commit 2-3 hours.

2. Art Jamming

Check out boulevart for a $30 art jamming session! It’s so affordable you should just pamper yourself once and for all this time round! Do it mommas! You deserve the fun!

If you are unsure of your artistic skill then Art Jam Studio might be for you. They have a guided session for you at only $50 per session.

3. Make Your Own Terrarium

The Green Capsule is open for walk-in from 11am-7:30pm on weekdays and appointments on weekends. Their $35 workshop includes all materials and 1 figurine.

4. Make Your Own Clay Necklace

Book your slot with Average Jo and have fun!

5. Try Pottery

“Find Your Center” Clay Workshop at $95 with Center Pottery

6. PaperMarket Workshops

Check out PaperMarket for workshops to quench your crafty and creative thirst all-year-round.


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