Screen Time: What’s Your Stand? 

We’ve gone from being a screen-free family (for kids) to ==> limited-screen-time ==> uncontrollable screen time ==> no-screen-allowed period! Does this sound familiar? Are you going through the same struggle?

Let me share with you what the challenges we face are

– we WANT to allow kids to use screen. The world is evolving. Their friends talk about the games and apps they play. So if we don’t allow our kids to play, they might feel left out. And you know how sensitive it can get for children to be left out.

– we want to SET A LIMIT to the time spent on the screen. For 2 main reasons: not to focus their eyes for too Long and to let them find other ways to entertain themselves, which is important in moulding their creativity.  BUT we can never be consistent and firm enough. So the kids always drag their screen time way past the time limit. It’s something we have to work on.

– we are concerned with the ADDICTION signs that our kids are showing, especially our eldest. My kids look for the ipad even after they have used up the time quota for the day. They become sneaky, recalcitrant and little liars. All because they want to use more screen.

We have evolved and these past 2 weeks our deal with the kids were as follow:

– 30 Mins of screen twice a day for our 7-year-old

– 15 Mins twice a day for our 5-year-old

– 10 Mins twice a day for our 3-year-old

– the deal is for them not to look while the other is using the screen, if not they’ll all be spending close to 2 hours each staring at the screen each day.

But they couldn’t keep to any of it. So my husband has decided to take away the screen privilege altogether.

What do you think we should do better? We’re at such a loss now.

What is the screen time in your family like? What are the kids’ ages?

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