Today I’ve Had Enough

Do you know what the challenge of writing a family blog is? It’s that you have to constantly come up with solutions for fellow mamas and offer tips and life hacks and stuff even while your own family is going through a rough patch. There. I’ve said it. 

Today was a bad day for me guys. I don’t pretend to have a perfect life. Blogging is something I enjoy doing not because I am a know-it-all but blogging is a way for me to connect with other parents, a way for me to deal with my loneliness as a stay-at-home mum. I offer what I can, but I never pretend to have my sh*t together all the time. 

So if you are having your worst day of the week today, you’re not alone. 

If your child adamantly refuses to get out of the house when you needed to, know that today my child was like that too. 

If you lost your cool after trying so hard to be calm, know that I just started yelling at one of my kids just now. 

If you’re running behind your to-do list, know that my list never gets cleared. 

If you feel like you’ve had enough of everything, I feel the same way today. 

If your head is so tight you feel like you need some fresh air, know that my head was just about to explode as well. 

That’s why I’m here writing this post. I needed somewhere to vent. But I also needed someone to know that she’s not the only one that had a bad day today. 

I want her to know that everything will start again tomorrow, for the better.

I want her to know that the kids will forgive her.

I want her to know that nobody expects her to be a mama angel all the time, nobody. So don’t go beating herself up. 

I want her to know that parenting was not meant to be anger-free or tears-free. It’s just part of the process that has been going on for thousands of years. 

I want her to know that it’s ok to regret the life choices that she’s made, whether it’s to stay at home or to go to work. Because in the end nobody can have it all. I’m sure she chose what was best at the time. 

I want her to know that family is family and that kids will one day grow up and understand everything, just not today. 

So here I am, trying to get myself together to be the mum that I am, again, and forever more. 

You can too. 

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